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React Emergency Response remains abreast of all relevant innovations. React also keeps close track of further developments in the field of (alternative) fuels, insights into safety and complex maritime incidents. After all, practical experience is the best means of learning how to cope with emergencies. React incorporates this knowledge acquired in this regard in the following fields of training:

On-board training: train as you fight

Highly recommended, as the compulsory STCW courses are basic training courses. Train as you fight is the motto. React’s on-board training courses enable you to train and practice in true-to-life situations, based on the particular circumstances and duties applicable aboard your vessel. The course can be efficiently scheduled: React trains the crew while the ship is en route to its destination. As a result: When it really matters, you know exactly what to do.

Train the trainer

Many theoretical training courses in firefighting fail to address important lessons learned in practice. While the fire training that React provides is entirely in accordance with STCW standards, it is also supplemented with practical experience acquired in the field. Instructors who impart this knowledge to participants on compulsory training courses have noticed that it is received with a great deal of enthusiasm, recognition and appreciation. And this is reflected in both reviews of and enrolment levels for React training courses.

Besides training courses, we also share our lessons learned in the form of presentations. These can be readily implemented in the STCW training course teaching material.

Course material development for training institutes

The compulsory STCW course comprises standard teaching material. However, developments in the shipping industry continue at a rapid pace. This prompted React to amend outdated information, implement new insights and identify new risks. You are welcome to contact React for further explanation and a demonstration of the course material, which naturally remains entirely in accordance and in line with STCW standards. As an institute, you are therefore capable of providing more interesting course material.

24/7 available for emergencies at sea