In case of emergency:
24/7 available
+31 (0)78 303 1933



React’s special emergency telephone number +31 (0)78 303 1933 can be called to provide remote assistance and advice in the event of a maritime fire/incident. React issues pertinent advice concerning the correct approach on board, use of the equipment, correct incident handling, the extinguishing equipment available and appropriate firefighting methods.


The International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) is applicable on board ships. It sets the minimum safety requirements that one has to meet as a shipowner. In its capacity as an independent body, React advises you on the areas in which you face the greatest risks in your particular circumstances, and the applicability of SOLAS in this regard. The objective being: In the event of an emergency, you are ideally equipped to save human lives and limit damage.

24/7 available for emergencies at sea