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About us

Every single ship owner or shipping company is aware of the dangers of ship fires, explosion risks and incidents involving hazardous substances. Such incidents can prove both catastrophic and highly costly. In the event of an incident, every minute counts.

Shipowners, shipping companies and salvage firms alike therefore consciously opt for React’s multifunctional team. React Emergency Response is a highly favoured partner, as it operates at the highest level. Its team excels in the area of close cooperation, tackling issues and moving forward. By adopting a helicopter view, it is capable of looking beyond the fire or incident itself. A swift response, transparent communication and expert teams are crucial in this regard.

The React Emergency Response organisation

React Emergency Response CEO, Dennis Kusters founded the company in 2019, with a view to establishing the highest quality team of specialists available. His team currently comprises skilled maritime incident controllers, whose experience dates back to 2003. The team leaders and members have backgrounds in various disciplines, including shipping, firefighting, the ministry of defence and hazardous materials experts. This level of diversity enables React to compose a perfect mix when selecting the best possible team for deployment.

All share a joint mission: to do their utmost to prevent loss of life, material and economic loss and ecological damage in the event of maritime incidents.

Collaboration partners

There is no such thing as cannot, is a memorable statement made by React. There is a solution to literally any issue, provided you engage the appropriate expertise in case of a maritime emergency/incident. It therefore goes without saying that React Emergency Response opts to collaborate with parties who also subscribe to this philosophy; such as VANDERPERS MARITIME BV, which has gained acclaim for its high quality expertise and commitment as an Expert Marine Chemist; LION Protects B.V., which supplies excellent and innovative safety products in the field of incident response and training; and RedBlue BV, whose expertise in the field of shipping incidents and training extends back to 2004.

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Get acquainted with the React Emergency Response team. Either as a firefighting or Hazmat team, as a trainer or as a collaboration partner.

React Emergency Response

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